We are heading for St. Clair Shores, just north of Detroit.

Well, yesterday, I told Paul that every penny (or I guess, boat dollar.....which, for you not familiar with the term, is $1000 dollars) that he spent on his electronics was well worth it....we left Mentor Harbor at six am. and headed for Put in Bay, but had to change plans when some very bad weather started coming in to western Lake Erie....we were able to track the storm on his weather maps and as the storm got closer....Paul brought up the radar, and we were able to steer around all of the cells of thunderstorm activity......it was pretty amazing....and when we pulled into Cedar point for the night...we had not felt one rain drop.....we did have rain off and on until this morning....but the lake is calm at the moment and we are heading northwest toward Detroit.

Our two days in Mentor Harbor Yacht Club were fun....two of Helen's cousins were on the dock to meet us when we arrived and Joe's daughter and family also joined us for dinner....the next morning was spent giving the boat a good scrubbing...because during our overnight in Erie, PA, we picked up thousands of bugs....one type "pooped" green poop and if you smashed them, their body fluid was green....we opened the door to close our screen and at least one hundred or more came inside....Paul got out the vacuum to get rid of them....and we are still chasing a few we missed...

Someone mentioned that we don't have pictures of ourselves on the blog....so here we are at the Yacht Club in Mentor, we were having dinner with two couples we used to race against over 30 years ago......our boats were I-21's. which were a small keel boat....21 feet long.....any given race, there could be up to about 30 of us out on Lake Erie competing for the winner's spot.....



Posted on 6/14/2008 6:26:00 AM by helenandpaul

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